Domenica Fanelli is an undergraduate student at Ryerson University pursuing a B.A in Psychology. Domenica has always had a passion towards music and the human mind and volunteering for the SMART lab is where both can be applied. Domenica is interested in seeing just how music comes to be a rehabilitative art for some, and as well, interested to find out how artists perceive music differently such as a dancer as opposed to a musician, and what their brain waves actually show to hear. Domenica has a variety of musical experience ranging from formal training to performance and theory. She also has some experience in dance from her past years. As Domenica is now in her 4th year of study, she is pursuing her Undergraduate Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Frank Russo. Domenica’s thesis entails a study that she conducted in the summer of 2015 that looks at perception of emotion in music in an older adult population with a hearing impairment and hearing aids.