Parkinson’s Disease


Parkinson’s disease is a neurodegenerative disease that affects the muscles of the body, including facial and vocal muscles. Singing is the act of creating musical sounds using the voice.


What happens when people living with Parkinson’s disease sing?


At this stage, we are still in the early days of research but the available evidence suggests that singing may:

  • mitigate problems with facial and vocal expressiveness

  • build community

  • build resilience


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logo-adobe-pdfScientific articles focusing on the various effects of Parkinson’s disease on an individuals health, including it’s impact on vocal health, emotional health, and social health.

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google-maps-wordpress-pluginsA google map with pinpoints on P.D. choirs worldwide. The map includes additional information about each choir, including items such as location, the director’s name, and contact information.

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media-wmp-iconMedia coverage on Parkinson’s Choirs.


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