Autism Choir

We are currently developing a new choir program in partnership with the Geneva Centre for teens/preteens living with autism. The choir is being developed with the objective of supporting socio-emotional development in a fun and engaging context. The program has received some seed funding from a Telus Community Grant


The program will also be technology enhanced, featuring Big Break: The Acting Game!


The Big Break App is a spin-off of a web-based game that our lab recently developed for use with children on the autism spectrum. Using an iPad, users view and then imitate emotional songs performed by actors, while doing their best to preserve facial and vocal expression. The app tracks a user’s intonation and facial animation and compares it to the actor’s performance. The performance is given a score, which provides some additional motivation for personal development. Individual feedback provided by the app is intended to supplement feedback provided in the choir setting, allowing for fine-tuning of expressive capacity.

For more information on Big Break, please check out the official website or Facebook page!