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    The SMART lab is an interdisciplinary research team engaged with questions at the intersection of music, mind and action. Learn more about our different research streams here.

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    Ever wonder why music makes us feel such powerful emotions? How can we use music to help people living with communication deficits? Visit the SMART lab blog for brief summaries of some of our current research projects.

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    The SMART lab has developed a number of research tools that are available for use by anyone. These include matlab toolboxes, questionnaires, video tutorials and more. Find out more here.

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    The Toronto Sound Map project curates and studies soundscapes from the perspective of experimental psychology. We use Toronto as our laboratory but our questions concern cities in general. More information here.

Research Focus

Music Cognition-01

Music Cognition/Emotion

Our primary stream of "basic research" seeks to understand how people produce, perceive and respond to music. A diverse range…
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Hearing Science-01

Hearing Science

Our secondary stream of "basic research" focuses on auditory attention, ecological psychoacoustics, and the psychology of soundscapes. Representative Publications: Gordon, M. S., Russo,…
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Tech and Rehab

Our "applied research" seeks to develop assistive technologies and neuro-rehabilitations supporting human communication and emotional well-being. Representative Publications: Vempala,…
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    Frank Russo named winner of the International Commission of Acoustics Early Career Award Feb 7th, 2016 The medal associated with this prestigious award will be granted at the International Co [...]