• The SMART lab is an interdisciplinary research team engaged with questions at the intersection of music, mind and action. Learn more about our different research streams here.

  • Ever wonder why music makes us feel such powerful emotions? How can we use music to help people living with communication deficits? Visit the SMART lab blog for lay-summaries of current research projects.

  • The SMART lab has developed a number of research tools that are available for use by anyone. These include matlab toolboxes, questionnaires, video tutorials and more. Find out more here.

  • The Ryerson campus is an urban oasis in the heart of Toronto. You can find the SMART lab in the South Bond Building (SBB), about 200 metres from Yonge-Dundas square.

  • Researchers in the SMART Lab investigate the neural, emotional, and social effects of short term choir participation. To read more about our choirs, click here.

Research Focus

Music Cognition/Emotion

Our primary stream of "basic research" seeks to understand music perception and production from an embodied perspective. A diverse…
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Hearing Science

Our secondary stream of "basic research" focuses on auditory perception and cognition in real-world listening scenarios. For example, how does perception of speech change…
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Tech and Rehab

Our "applied research" generally seeks to develop or optimize assistive technologies (e.g., hearing aids) as well as music-based interventions that may…
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    SMART Lab Member wins CAA Shaw Postdoctoral Prize May 8, 2017 Huiwen Goy is a post-doctoral fellow and has won this year's Edgar and Millicent Shaw Postdoctoral Prize in Acoustics from the Canadia [...]