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    Ever wonder why music makes us feel powerful emotions? How can we use music to help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease? What roles does music play in social bonding?

    Pay a visit to the SMART lab blog to read what our lab has to say. Have any questions of your own? Post a comment or get in touch!

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    The SMART lab is an interdisciplinary research team concerned with questions at the intersection of mind, music and technology. Our research is rooted in the rapidly emerging field of music cognition but it also branches out to connect with complementary work in the fields of hearing science, comunication disorders, emotion, human factors, and assistive/rehabilitative technology. Learn more about our work here.

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    The SMART lab has developed a number of tools that are available for use by anyone. These include questionnaires, video tutorials and more. Find out more here.

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    The Toronto Sound Map is a research project that was initiated by the SMART Lab (Ryerson, University) in 2010. This project had several aims to create and share knowledge concerning the psychology of the urban soundscape.

    For more information on the Toronto Sound Map, visit our website.

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Music Cognition-01

Music Cognition

Our work in music cognition seeks to understand how people perceive, produce, and are affected by music. A…
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Hearing Science-01

Hearing Science

Our work in hearing science includes psychoacoustics, the role of attention in hearing, auditory aging, and effects of…
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